How much do Virtual Reality headsets cost?

There are many different virtual reality headsets available on the market today and it can be a true minefield and daunting task trying to pick the right one. You have to consider many different factors such as what the device is compatible with, what features it has, what is the maximum screen resolution, and of course how much does it cost. Cost is an important factor when purchasing a VR headset as the price can range greatly. This article provides you with a list of virtual reality devices together with their current approximate cost – enjoy!

Full Virtual Reality headsets

First, you must understand that there are two main types of VR headset – full headsets and headsets for smartphones. Virtual Reality headsets as standalone devices are generally more expensive. These devices can simply be plugged into a PC, and do not need a smartphone to view the VR games and apps. Standalone VR headsets are also usually better quality, more robust, and more comfortable to wear for long VR adventures:

– HTC Vive (Compatible with PC and Mac): $499.00
– HTC Vive Pro (Compatible with PC and Mac): $799.00
– Oculus Rift (Compatible with PC): $399 – $499
– PlayStation VR (Compatible with PlayStation 4): $230 upwards
– Oculus Go (Standalone headset): $199 upwards

There are other standalone virtual reality headsets available, but if you want to get a high-quality device, then we advise purchasing one of the above as they represent the best in VR technology. The HTC Vive is considered the best current headset, and the Oculus Rift follows closely behind. For consoles, the PlayStation VR is the best, and currently the only for gaming consoles.

Virtual Reality headsets for smartphones

If you feel that the above headsets are a little out of your price range, then why not consider a smartphone virtual reality headset instead? Smartphone headsets have a slot through which your mobile phone can fit – you then access virtual reality games and apps through your smartphone. These devices are usually cheaper, but also inferior quality to standalone VR headsets. The quality is still fine, but you can tell the difference. The below shows a variety of smartphone VR headsets together with their approximate cost:

– Google Daydream (Compatible with Android phones):$49.99 upwards
– Samsung Gear VR (Compatible with Samsung phones): $30.00 upwards
– Google Cardboard (Compatible with iOS and Android phones): $10.00 upwards
– Merge VR (Compatible with iOS and Android phones): $29.99 upwards
– Zeiss One Plus (Compatible with iOS and Android phones): $69.99
– BlitzWolf BR-VR3 (Compatible with iOS and Android phones): $15.00 upwards

All of the above smartphone headsets will allow you to play with a huge variety of games and apps. The Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream are considered the best models in this range.

We hope have found this article useful – you should now have a clear idea of what price range you can expect to pay for a Virtual Reality headset. Always ensure that you shop around from different suppliers as not every retailer will sell a device at the same price.

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